Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First few days in Kiev

These first few days in Kiev have been pretty low-key, with me mostly visiting/meeting people and hanging out at the apartment.

Quick overview, also so I can distinguish what I did each day.

Had lunch with Josh, Robyn, Zena, and Dougie at the same restaurant Charly took us to last summer. It's like Puzata Hata, but it also offers pasta and other types of food too, Zena says. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I bought more food than I could eat: 1 holubtsi (meat stuffed in cabbage), 1 chicken Kiev, some salad (some cole slaw type stuff and some chicken salad type), some buckwheat (not a big fan), and 2 apple vareniki (yum). I got all that for 40 griven, which is about $5 US at the current exchange rate. Not too bad!
We also went to a cell phone store to figure out Josh's new phone, to add minutes to mine, and to get Dougie a number. The cell phone providers here are called Kyivstar, life:), and Beeline.

The water guy (bringing huge jugs of drinking water) came at 11:30am! Quite impressive! I was told he would come between 11am and 3pm, and I was not holding out any hope that he would come earlier in the day. You know, killing my chance of actually doing anything or going anywhere. I was able to communicate with him in Russian a bit, to ask him if he wanted the empty jugs, and to put one full one on the kitchen counter, and for him to tell me to sign the forms.
After that, I met with KCA's headmaster, Day, at McDonald's and talked for a bit. Then we headed to his house just outside of Kiev--only 20 minutes' driving--in a village called something like "Peter and Paul's Cabbage Patch." I met his wife Neva, daughters Kayla (11th grade) and Kara (6th grade), and sons Kolya (6th grade) and Kasey (9th?). Also, another new teacher was there--Faith had just arrived that morning from the States.
We enjoyed sitting together and talking, going for a walk around the neighborhood, eating dinner, and playing Guesstures.

Today I will probably tidy up the apartment a bit, as Jodi arrives tomorrow, and might do a test run of taking the bus to the school and back.

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