Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thank you to my "other" home church in New England

Very cool and encouraging email I got from the church I attended during my time at ENC. Thanks for all your support!

I just wanted you to know that you were prayed for today!

We are doing the Nazarene Children's Missions Curriculum once a month on Sunday mornings. Our lesson today was on the country of Ukraine!

Kathy W, from our church, had given me your blog posting information, so I was able to go online and print off a few of your pictures including you infront of the zoopark, the mail box, the open air market, Kiev Christian School, and your first Ukrainian meal. These pictures were wonderful for giving the children a window into the country where you are serving.

I also was able to print off your picture and make a small prayer slip for each child, listing prayer requests for you regarding learning a new language, raising additional funds, and teaching math at the Kiev Christian School. All 13 of the children joined in prayer for you this morning.

They also took home a plastic Easter egg containing the prayer slip to remind them to pray for you during this school year. (We used the Easter eggs to hold the prayer request slip because the lesson also taught the children about the Ukrainian custom of decorating Easter eggs and giving them as a gesture of blessing.) Several of the children remembered you when they saw your picture! It was a great way to make missions come alive for them.

God bless you and you serve God in Ukraine.

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