Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today in Phrases

Caught bus #14
Walked to bus #18
Bought Easter eggs as gifts
Photographed fur hats for my brother
Ran into Ahn and Natasha
Climbed up to Andrevsky church (never done that before)
Photos...overlooking city
Walked down Andrevsky spusk
Climbed to another kicked off
Walked down the spusk some more
Climbed a really tall hill (using steps)
Saw "candy house town"
Saw landmarks that are near my house
More photos
Walked down the hill then up another one
Another vantage point for photos
Random monuments at the top
Tried to read Ukrainian, just copied it instead
Walked a little more
Got creeped out by a possible cemetery, so I left
Walked down to Podol
Asked for directions to an apteka (pharmacy)
Found the apteka!
Purchased contact lens (линзы--linzi) solution!
Picked up a few things at Silpo
Rode the bus home :)
Trees being painted
People sweeping the sidewalks in our courtyard
Mac and cheese for lunch
Packing for my spring break trip

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