Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pray for children.

This morning as soon as she got her coat off, little Katya at church came running to me and wrapped her arms around me.  She clung to me for a few minutes, and her friend Anya also clung to me/Katya.  I refer to these girls as my little "ducklings" because they find me and hug me.  I don't know what their stories are, nor do I understand much of what they say, but all I can do is offer them hugs to show I care. More importantly, I hope that this shows them that Christ cares for them.

Please pray for the children around the world:  the children of Ukraine, the children of Mexico, the children in your own neighborhood.  Show them Christ's love and hope in this Advent season.

We pray for kids on city streets — 
even when they rob us. 
We pray for purity in teenagers — 
even when they seduce each other. 
We pray for children who could be learning — 
even when they sit in class like zombies. 
We pray for the goodness that is buried in young druggies — 
even when they are hustling people. 
We pray for them all in the name of the light 
that shines in the darkness — because 
we know that darkness cannot put it out. 
We pray for them all in the name of the light 
that lights everyone who comes into the world. 
We pray for them all in the name of the light who 
gives us the substance of things hoped for 
and is the evidence of things not seen.

~Tony Campolo, professor at Eastern University

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