Friday, February 11, 2011

My Day (February 11)

7am:  Wake up, get ready for school
8am:  Leave the house and get Amanda (fellow volunteer) on a bus headed toward the church, for her meetings with all the other CIS Field missionaries today.
8:30am:  Arrive at school.
Morning:  Listen to chapel from my classroom rather than disrupting it (again).  Observe my student teacher.  Enter grades in gradebook.  Make photocopies.  Supervise study hall.  Eat lunch.

12pm:  Leave school, go to the grocery store, go home.
Afternoon:  Bake cookies.  Sing and dance along to my music.  Bake a coffee cake that looked deformed.  Wash dishes.  Fetch many more dishes from the highest cabinets.  Listen to podcasts.
Buy sugar at our local produkti.
Clean my room.  Refill sugar container.

I feel rather domestic.

Tonight all the CIS Field missionaries are coming over for pizza (that's being delivered) around 5:45pm, then having tea/coffee/desserts with us.

Because I'm a volunteer, and I teach at KCA, I'm not required to be at all of these meetings.  In fact, I'm not really sure how many I'm required to attend.  This year, I live in a great big house, with plenty of room (but it's not my Father's house), and I've enjoyed hosting people.  I convinced Cliff to let me have everyone over at some point, especially as I see my role on the mission team as an "encourager."

In all my preparations, I've got a glimpse for what it's like for Heike and Colleen when they host visiting teams in their homes.  (Granted, this is a small glimpse, because I don't have to prepare a full meal.)

I'm looking forward to having everyone over, and helping in this way.

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  1. Your schedule is so nice and chill...

    4:45AM wake up
    5:55AM go to work
    6:45AM tutoring
    7:10AM teach
    3:00PM coach long distance runners
    5:00PM run for my own pleasure
    6:30PM home to cook, clean, grade, and crash!

    I love all that you're able to do! Keep on encouraging others--you're amazing Jessica! High five, girlfriend!