Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two week countdown

Tonight at dinner with the NNU team and Kiev team missionaries, I realized that I have exactly 2 weeks left in Ukraine.  First reaction:  ACK!  Here's what my calendar looks like, and also my to-do list.

Friday May 27 and Sat May 28:  Track Meet.  I've been helping with the middle school track team, and this is the second and final meet of the season.

May 27: Dinner with Cliff and Heike.  The last time I will have dinner with them at their home here in Kiev before they move.  The meal will include one of Cliff's notorious peanut butter, banana, and mayo sandwiches -- I promised him in fall 2008 that if I ever came back to Ukraine, I'd try one.  Now, I have to uphold that dumb promise.  We're also going to play Scrabble, and they're going to talk to me about a possible ministry opportunity for next year.

Sun May 29:  possibly going to the baptism of 4 KCA students, 3 of whom I've taught.  I just found out about this tonight via Facebook.

Tues May 31:  ICA small group Bible study?  I haven't decided about this one, but I know I should go to say goodbye to people I know I won't see again next year.  (Part of being a missionary means you have to say goodbye a LOT more frequently, and you have to learn to do this in healthy ways.)

June 1, June 2:  Administer semester exams to my classes:  6th gr math, 6th gr Bible, geometry (76 questions, but they are multiple choice!), pre-calculus

Friday June 3:  My brother's birthday!!! Also, the last day of school and graduation.  Cry because I will not see these seniors (whom I have taught both years) again for a long time.  Say goodbye for the summer to the rest of the students.

Sunday June 5:  Last Sunday at Kiev First Church.  Say goodbye for the summer to everyone there (Zena, etc.), plus this will most likely be my last time to see Heike.  :(

June 6: My roommate flies back to "the America."

June 8:  I leave for America

To Do List:
*Show Amy what's packed up from my old apartment, so she knows what we'll have
*Pack things that we won't need till next year and get some help to take it to the new place
*Pack things for America
*Clean the house one last time, rearrange things as needed
*Finish the books I'm borrowing from people
*I'm sure there are other things, but my brain is going to fry if I keep thinking about what still needs to be done and how I have so many goodbyes ahead of me.

PART TWO....will be in another post.

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