Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baptism Service

I came across this video on Zee's page and just had to share it.

This summer, while I was in America, Kyiv First Church of the Nazarene held a baptism service in their backyard.  The Eastern Orthodox church (the most prevalent church in Ukraine) baptizes people at a young age, but these individuals chose to be baptized again before their church family.

Kyiv First is my "home church" in Ukraine, and though I was sad that I missed this event in the life of the church, I am glad that Zee recorded video and posted it on Youtube!

On the left (your left) is Pastor Vova, and on the right is Sergey Dziba, the youth leader.  In order of their baptisms on this video are:  Sergey Orlyuk, Ilya, Philip (Pastor Vova's son), Andrei Tkachenko, Kristina, Pasha (Sergey's son), and Katya.  As you can see, most of those baptized were youth.  A number of these youth are already involved in church and youth group activities, whether it is as part of the music teams or helping with camps.  

What an exciting time in the life of our church!

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