Monday, March 12, 2012

March 2012 Update

Hello to all from a still-chilly Kiev, Ukraine!

Winter is still here...yesterday it snowed/rained, but the temperature was above freezing.  Here's a look at the past 4 weeks in my life!

KCA Varsity Boys team and fans -- 2nd place in our local league
In my 6th grade Bible class, I have begun using the "Young Peacemakers" curriculum in addition to the regular Bible curriculum.  My students tend to do the bare minimum in their Bible work, and rarely ask in-depth questions or have whole-class discussions on topics (pray that they dive deeper and discuss with each other more), so we have a lot of spare time.  "Young Peacemakers" promotes conflict resolution, and so far we have done 1 unit/lesson on the "slippery slope"--of ways to respond to conflict.  Some of the kids are really getting into it, though I often have to keep them focused on what really matters.
My Precalculus class is finishing a unit on conic sections (parabola, circle, ellipse, hyperbola).  Some of my lessons have gone really well, but there are a lot of details for them to remember for the test (on Tuesday the 13th).

Somebody teach these 6th graders some peacemaking skills!! (Class Day crazy photo)
20 Years: The Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine....
On Friday, I attended a special birthday service for my "home" church here in Kiev.  There were people here from throughout the years, including former Sunday school teachers, current leaders, and even some video greetings from former missionaries.  I really enjoyed seeing photos and hearing stories of the church over the past 2 decades, of how it developed and how everyone looks forward to the next two decades.  Today Pastor Vova told the kids, "Someday you'll be serving in the church, and you'll remember being in Sunday school now."

Here is a video my friend Zee created of photos and videos through the years--I tried to recognize familiar faces as I watched it!

Embedded here is a video of a song we sang at this special service.  I love it because it always reminds me of the regional conference in Turkey, holding hands with my fellow Ukrainians.  The chorus goes, "When we're together, we're strong; when we're together, the Lord is among us; when we're together, God's love streams from heaven to us."

Next Steps...
As some of you may already know, this year is my final year serving at KCA.  My students and many Ukrainians know this, but I am announcing it in this update for those of you who have not heard.
I signed a one year contract with KCA and Nazarene Mission Corps, then another, and then one more.  In college, I had considered teaching a year or two abroad before returning to America.
That "year or two" turned into 3, and I will return to America after this school year is finished.  I will be moving to the Kansas City area to complete a master's degree in Intercultural Studies at Nazarene Theological Seminary.  After that, I'm not sure where God will take me! :)  Please keep me in your prayers through this next year of transition. 

Nut/chocolate donut:  7.25грн.  Hot cocoa: 10 грн.  Finding a Dunkin-Donuts type kiosk near church:  Priceless.
Upcoming Dates:
March 24-April 1: KCA spring break
March 18: Teaching English at Obolon
Late April:  Junior/Senior Trip to Prague, Czech Republic (I will be one of 4 chaperones)

Recommended Links (for more stories)
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Amy's Dentist Adventure -- I am the "wonderful roommate" mentioned in the third paragraph about our traveling adventure.  :)
God's Incredibility -- a taxi adventure (at least the fourth one we've had) after Bible study one night

Prayer Requests:

*For a package to get delivered to me that was sent in NOVEMBER.  I suspect some babushka or customs agent somewhere is enjoying what's inside.
*KCA teachers!  Many of us are leaving this year, so there are MANY teaching vacancies!
*Patience and creativity with my students

*God has been at work thus far in the history of the Church of the Nazarene in Ukraine, and He is STILL at work!
*Good health during this winter season
*During topsy-turvy times in my life recently, God is still teaching me about forgiveness, trust, and love.

Thank you again for your continued support!

In Christ,


  1. Amazing!
    What is the address of the Dunkin Doughnuts? Mina

    1. It's a little bitty kiosk near the front of the Lukyanivska metro station, along with the rest of them -- on the Artema side. :)