Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cinco de Mayo update

Hi all,

No, they do not celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Ukraine, but since that is today's date, I thought I'd mention it. :)

Things have been crazy-nutso in my life lately, so I've not been able to update about support raising and all that good stuff. I'll try and provide some sort of an overview of the recent and upcoming weeks.

I graduate from ENC on May 16 with my BA in Math and Middle School Education (minor in Religion). Just one more paper (on theology of redemption--missio Dei) stands between that degree and me, and I'll begin writing it tomorrow.

Last weekend I traveled to Maryland for the World Missions Mobilization office's Cross-Cultural Orientation, and was able to meet a number of others that will also be serving overseas in various places. We talked about culture shock, cross-cultural communication, travel stuff, and personality info. I stayed with my family the few nights I was there, so it was good to see them, even though I'll see them next weekend.

Plans for this summer include substitute teaching until the public school year is done, summer nannying, and traveling around the district to raise support for the year in Ukraine. In my "free" time, I need to work on more Russian language study (if I could find a teacher, that would be great!), and I want to read a lot of books.

Thank you so far to the South Weymouth, Londonderry, & Worcester churches so far for allowing me the opportunity to share about how God was working last summer, and about the opportunity I have this next year. Also, thanks to my district quizzing friends (coaches, quizzers, and leadership) for supporting me. I can't forget all the other individuals who have contributed via my webpage ( or provided support in other forms (Russian language materials, travel advice). Thanks, friends!

I'm looking forward to seeing how God is going to shape me over this summer and the year in Ukraine. Pray that He would continue to bring redemption to the Ukrainian people, that I would be 100% open to His leading, and that my students will grow in their relationships with God and each other, and in their grasp of math.

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  1. I'm so excited about this blog! I can't wait to read about your big adventure on here - every part from the pre-planning to the getting there :) This is going to be such an incredible year for you. Definitely praying for you!