Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Courses I'm Teaching

Hey everyone,

I now know what classes I'll be teaching this next year!

They are...

7th grade Bible
Algebra II

This summer I will definitely need to be working on my geometry skills. Though I taught a couple units of it during student teaching, it was not the entire class, and it was within an 8th grade pre-algebra course. Fortunately, I got a bit of a refresher this semester as I tutored a high schooler once a week. :)

The Bible curriculum is as follows, according to the headmaster: 7th is a semester on the life of Chirst (ACSI) and second semester on the book of Judges (Daring Deliverers-ACSI).

If you have any resources that will be helpful for me teaching these classes, let me know -- I can't take everything with me, but I may be able to use some stuff! Thanks!

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