Friday, January 1, 2010

Redemption of culture

From "Credemption," an article on
Edgar says also that redemptive engagement happens through redirecting or redefining cultural patterns affected by the Fall, such as Paul's interaction with Greek philosophy, and contemporary efforts, such as Prospect 1, to use art to rebuild New Orleans.

We could say that there's both external and internal redemptive engagement. The external redeems visible culture; the internal redeems our invisible relationship with culture.

In his book Culture Making, Andy Crouch has advocated not only the redemption of culture, but also the making of culture — good culture for an infinitely good Creator. Instead of simply condemning, critiquing, consuming, and copying culture, the way forward is to create a good alternative. Otherwise, we are simply left at square one, with very little Christian progress in various cultures.

I suggest that we engage culture redemptively and creatively. Instead of choosing between the two, what would it look like for us to bring a redemptive worldview into our workplace, where we bring a gospel perspective upon a problem or person, while also working well to generate new solutions and answers?

What I would like to learn....

In what ways has the Church of the Nazarene in the former Soviet Union utilized the Slavic culture and Eastern Orthodox heritage to point people toward a relationship with Christ and holy living?

To what degree(s) is the Church integrated into or separated from mainstream culture?

How can I be involved with people that are not at all connected with the church? How do I get out of my "bubble"?

How can I express the gospel in a way that is accurate but not treated like a consumer product?

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  1. Jessica! Those are fabulous questions! Especially 3 and 4. I pray that as you struggle through these thoughts and ideas, your faith is only strengthened.