Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Prayer for Ukraine" song

I just returned from a short ministry trip to the city of Chernivitsi in western Ukraine. On our way there, our group of 8 sang various kids' songs (as practice) and worshipped together on the train. One was this song, a very beautiful prayer for Ukraine. I realized it sounded familiar because I had seen the video of the KCA kids singing it at graduation last year.

With the upcoming election on the 7th (the second part of it), a change in leadership may mean more difficulties for missionaries and church workers here. Yanukovich is pro-Russian (rather than pro-West), and believes that the Orthodox church is the only way to salvation, and all other Christian denominations are sects. Please pray for this run-off election (a candidate has to win by more than 50%, and there were at least 5 candidates on the first day of voting), and that God's name will be glorified.

Below are the lyrics in Ukrainian (a language that I don't really understand) and a rough English translation from this site.

Молитва за Україну

Моя молитва нехай лине
До Тебе, наче фіміам.
І серце лине без зупину
В чудовий Твій небесний храм.

Боже, я молю за Україну,
Боже, молю тебе за людей,
Ти їх прости,
Ти їх спаси,
І милість Твою нам яви.
Боже, я знаю,
Що Ти будеш з нами
В храмі Твоєму під небесами
Радість і мир Ти дарував,
Життя для людей віддав,
В Книгу Життя нас записав!

В Своєму Слові Живому,
Ти для людей ведіння дав,
Щоб люди всі молились Богу,
Що на Хресті за нас вмирав.

In English:

May my prayer go
To you like the aroma of incense
And the heart drawn without ceasing
Into your glorious heavenly temple

God, I pray for Ukraine
God, I pray for its people
May you forgive them
May you save them
And show us your mercy
God, I know you are going to be with us
In your temple under the heavens
You gifted us with your joy and peace
You gave your life for the people
You inscribed us in the Book of Life

In your Living Word
You laid out the vision for life
So that all the people would pray to God
To the one who died for them on the cross


  1. HEy JEssica i was wondering were you got the soundtrack for this song? You guys did an amazing job:)

  2. I'm not sure where they got the soundtrack, I never asked the music teacher. However, you could probably find a website that converts the Youtube video to an mp3 in order to extract the file....

  3. thanks for your prayer..I will use it in our misión day

  4. Looks like my first comment didn't publish so...Thanks for your translation, we used it with a video of Ukrainians singing on the Maidan. Liz and Jim Baker, who spent many years in Kiev, sent that to us and I used it to present the situation to a group of 70 youth at a Bible conference. -- Look us up at, we work with MKs and TCKs ages 17-25...and I love your blog quote. :)