Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 2010 Update

Hi all,

This will be my last update from this side of the world, as I fly back to the US on Monday for 2 months (June 14-August 17).

Last week of school....
Last week was the last week of school, and it was a flurry of reviewing for exams, collecting textbooks, grading exams (2 of mine were entirely multiple choice), and making sure my students signed my yearbook. The last day of school, June 4, was a very hectic day. We started the morning with a "last bell" assembly, featuring musical performances by all the elementary grade classes, plus the HS/MS choir; the administration also recognized various seniors and the departing teachers. The choir sang my favorite song in Ukrainian, Молитва за Україну (Prayer for Ukraine), which happens to be the only song I know in Ukrainian. Click here for a video of last year's performance. After this assembly and the class parties, we ate lunch and traveled to the graduation location. During the reception, I enjoyed the chance to chat with some parents and students one last time before the fall, and to say goodbye to the seniors and the teachers who wouldn't be back.

Then it was off to the Skinners' dacha (cottage) for Josh's 13th birthday party. Imagine a small cottage/shed, with a plot of land just enough for camping out and playing volleyball, and oh yes, add an outhouse off to the side. Here I helped with some of the festivities while Josh and his friends celebrated a birthday, the end of school, and the beginning of summer. It was fun listening to the students play "Mafia" and just chatting with them.

On Sunday, I was supposed to teach English one last time at Obolon, but it turned out that the pastor had forgotten and had planned something else. Oh well--I just stayed in the service instead.

Whew. What a busy week! Right now my roommate and I are in the process of moving out of our apartment. Yesterday the movers came and took practically everything, and today my stuff will be carried to various places across the city (depending on what it is and where I will be when I need it). We've kept ourselves entertained by devising new ways of cleaning or using common items (did you know a vacuum cleaner can also be used as a chair?).

On Monday June 14, I will be flying back to Maryland, where I will be staying for 2 months. During these 2 months, I will be visiting friends and family, restocking on various supplies for life in Ukraine, and perhaps even working (if I can find a job).

Jumping in my suitcase....
For the 2010-2011 school year, I will need to raise between $11,000 and $12,000 in order to support the ministry here. You too can be a part of my ministry here by continuing to pray for me or contributing financially. This cost can be raised if just 40 people pledge $30/month for each month that I am in Ukraine. I would also love the opportunity to share in your local church or small group. Please contact me and let me know when I can come and share about ministry at KCA and throughout Ukraine, or how you would otherwise like to join with me in the ministry of KCA. You may not be able to jump in my suitcase and actually travel with me, but by contributing financially, you will be a partner in this ministry here in Ukraine.

For another brief update from a few weeks ago, please visit this link.

Prayer Needs
*For God to provide the financial support for this next school year
*A summer job, if that is God's will
*Safe travels while heading back to the US

*the school year is over! God has brought me through my first year of teaching/serving overseas!
*I have been able to see how God has used me over the past year!
*another new teacher and I have a place to live, and the rent will not be as expensive as I had thought!
*Passion World Tour conference was amazing, and there were so many young people there worshiping God!

Thank you again for all your prayers and support--for being my "great cloud of witnesses" as I serve God here in Ukraine.

In Christ,


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  1. This is awesome! I'm so excited that you're able to go back for another year! I wish I could have, but I am doing different mission work locally. :) Love reading about your successes! High five, girl!