Wednesday, October 6, 2010

City Heating: That's Different, But that's Okay

Taken from the Kyiv Post website:

Heating season in Kyiv starts Oct. 4
Deputy head of the Kyiv City Administration Oleksandr Popov has announced central heating will be turned on starting Monday, Oct. 4.
The heat is usually turned on during the middle of October, but colder than normal temperatures this year conviced city authorities to get an early start. Schools and hospitals will be heated first. Radiators in residential buildings will start working later in the month.
Bet you never realized there was a heating season!

KCA's heat was turned on today, because we share a building with a deaf school.  At home, we have been FREEZING at night the past couple weeks--I wear a sweatshirt with the hood pulled up while I sleep.  Today we had a Ukrainian from church turn on our heater and check it out for us -- hallelujah!  Last year (in our apartment) and this year (in the house we're watching), we have an independent heat system, which is quite nice.

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