Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday the 18th.

Geometry class:
*Attempted to throw a marker at the circle I'd drawn on the board. I missed.
*Drew what was supposed to be a regular pentagon inscribed in a circle.  The pentagon looked like home plate with a floppy edge.  I told my students, "Observe this diagram," first meaning to take note of where the shaded regions were.  But then one of them looked at it and laughed at how terrible the drawing was.

Precalc class:
*I introduced "limits" to my students, and played the Eagles' song "Take it to the Limit" as a tribute to my high school calculus teacher Mrs. Quimby.  She played that song when she taught us about limits.  One of my students said something like, "Oh, so this song wasn't written just for limits?":)

*Worked with 2 geometry students on 2 different assignments.  THAT was confusing, but I think they understood the work.

6th grade math and Bible:
*I can't think of anything right now.

study hall period:
*listened to my roommate share her testimony with the seniors.

after school:
*graded papers

at home:
*ate dinner that my roommate fixed: salad (lettuce, feta cheese, olives, sunflower seeds, carrots) and rice
*walked up to the corner store by Куренивский Ринок, checked it out, and bought some ice cream (we wanted to buy these jelly-filled donuts, but the kiosk closed before we could get back!).
*window shopped (literally) as we walked home
*edited Trino's thesis (chapter 3)
*listened to my roommate play the alto saxophone
*chatted with friends via Skype
*read some
*went to bed!

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  1. I always think of Mrs. Quimby when I hear Take it To the Limit. :)

    Sounds like you are pretty busy.