Friday, April 22, 2011

Ukrainian Easter Celebrations

This year is my first year to celebrate both Palm Sunday and Easter with my Ukrainian church family (last year I was in Israel).  The next week is going to be busy with writing my term paper for my online course, but let me give you a little taste of the celebrations here.  I'll post pictures when I get a chance.

Palm Sunday is actually called Willow Sunday here, because people use pussy willow branches instead of palm leaves.  I saw countless numbers of people carrying bundles of these willows in the few days preceding "Willow Sunday," and afterwards no one had use for the unsold ones.  I wonder what they do with them at church, if they get them blessed or something.

On Wednesday, our church held a concert by an a cappella group from Tennessee.

Our church also has Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, but I was unable to attend them because I had plans with friends already.  (Does that make me a bad Christian, for making plans on Good Friday that don't involve church? hah.)

At 6am on Easter morning, there will be a sunrise service, behind St. Michael's cathedral, overlooking the Dnieper.  This will be followed by a regular 11am worship service back at the church, and then the missionary staff will have dinner together at 5pm.  (Somehow, I WILL fit a nap in there!)

Two videos of Ukrainian Easter Eggs.


How to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs:

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  1. The best time to nap is right after you get back from the sunrise service - i usually nap at Church... (BEFORE the 11am service, not during)))))