Sunday, October 18, 2009

Destructive Streak

Just for amusement, I thought I would list the things that have been broken during my time in Ukraine. Some of them are not wholly my fault, if at all.

I really am not *trying* to break things, but this just keeps happening.

Summer 2008
*Fried my battery charger from the States
*Broke my sunglasses while they were in my purse
*"Broke" Bob's van--we ran over something that was in the road. He claimed it was my fault because earlier in the day, I told the story of when I ran over something that was in the road in NY, and damaged my car, just a few months prior.
*The ceiling tile above the fridge at Dana's (now my) apartment fell thanks to a leak from upstairs (not our fault!)
*Outhouse door hinges at Gorodkivka--the morning of the last day we were there, two girls were out there, and broke one hinge. Later in the day, the other one broke. Neither time was I in the outhouse, though Cliff claims it was partially my fault, by virtue of being there and using it that week!

Fall 2009
*Washing machine stopped working--a repairman came to fix it and clean out the filter
*Somehow managed to break my battery charger between my apartment and Fall Retreat
*Kolonka (hot water heater) has stopped working every so often within these past 2 weeks
*Watch band broke yesterday

Sigh. As Pastor Vova said, I just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lisa said it's about time for things in this apartment to start falling apart, since Dana lived here for 2 years and before that, there were other people living here.

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  1. I thought this said "my wishing machine broke" and I got all excited that you had a wishing machine! I was picturing that machine from the movie Big, the one where the Zoltar (or whatever) coughed up tickets with magic words on them. Just by the nature of this comment so far, you would think I wasn't sleeping well ... :) Sorry so many things are falling apart. I hate how that always happens all at once. I assume if I'm living in a place, it will start to crumble. There is a forcefield of destruction around me. I carry it with me always.