Thursday, October 8, 2009


Today I....

~saw Lisa wearing an ENC summer min t-shirt that I had left in Dana's apartment (aka mine now) in July 2008.

~went to the produkti that is right across from our neighborhood (I'd never actually been there before) and bought a kilo of flour (an hour ago, I didn't know the word for flour. But thanks to the KCA cookbook, I was able to recognize the Ukrainian word when I got to the store).

~mixed up some zucchini bread and popped it in the oven! We'll see how it tastes...

~finished off the last of the "Southwest Casserole" I made on Monday. It's been nice just pulling dinner out of the fridge and microwaving it...yum. This casserole consisted (I'm using past tense now that I just cleared my plate) of phyllo dough, rice, sour cream (too much, though), kidney beans, cheese, corn, and "salsa." Next time I make it, I'm going to minimize the sour cream and add some peppers/onions.

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