Saturday, October 31, 2009

Swine Flu epidemic arrives in Ukraine...

At the bottom of this post is an email we received today regarding the recent declarations about H1N1 flu here in Ukraine. Most cases have been in the western part of the country. Yesterday, they declared that all schools in the country would be closed for the next 3 weeks. I didn't think the decision would actually affect KCA, being as we are an international school, but once it moved to the Kyiv city level, it affected KCA, Kyiv International School, and Pechersk School International.

We are taking this one step at a time...

I'm not frustrated like a teacher in the States would be -- "We have to cover all this content by the time of standardized tests!!!!" I'm not exactly looking for a week of not teaching, of not seeing my students regularly, of not being able to help them learn together, and show them examples. I am willing to have my high school classes over to my apartment, or to meet at school, or even to meet over Skype. I'm not sure how some of my 6th graders will do, but I hope that their parents will be able to teach them.

Right now I'm frustrated primarily because I'm not being FLEXIBLE. I'm willing to be flexible, but I didn't exactly expect this. What exactly am I going to do in the meantime? (Okay, never mind, I can think of plenty of things to do like pay bills, clean, cook, etc.) Most of this comes with how we are making up the days we miss -- ideas mentioned have been to take away days from extended vacations. However, I am flying back to the States for Christmas -- I'm willing to just add a week at the end of the school year, which seems easiest, since I haven't booked my return flight yet, but not many other people are. I know of a teacher that might possibly be in Kiev that could cover my classes, besides anyone else at the school.

All that I can do right now is to trust God, that this will work out according to his plan and will, and not according to my preferences. Gotta leave it all up to Him.

Please pray for....
*Those making the "big" decisions regarding the schools
*Those already affected by swine flu
*Patience and creativity in creating "plan b" or "plan c"....or even up to "plan z"
*Health of our students and teachers

Praise God for...
*Two KCA parents who are doctors who are giving the (regular) flu vaccine to KCA families
*Delicious juice that I can buy at the store (so yummy--especially the strawberry-apple)


Dear KCA Parents,

Because of the Ukrainian government decision to close all educational facilities for three weeks, KCA will be closed to students next week.

Teachers will come to work on Monday at 9 am in order to plan for the week. We would like to send students assignments via email or Sycamore as much as possible. On Monday teachers will organize their classes and then communicate with you regarding assignments which students will be asked to do at home. We are considering organizing high school classes to meet “off site” a few times next week.

If you need to collect textbooks or materials, KCA will be open and administrators will be on site in the mornings. Guards will be at the school at all times.

We will decide what we will do the following two weeks next weekend, as the situation unfolds.

We encourage you to communicate with teachers and administrators via Sycamore, email, or by phoning the school. If you need help using Sycamore, call Cathy on Monday morning.

We will be in touch with you on Monday. Let’s be thankful for this situation and trust that God has all this in His hand.

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  1. i love the "Plan Z" :D

    kinda wish i could skip this week of work... ahh...