Thursday, November 12, 2009

Glimpses today...

*Rainy day while walking to the metro

*Following Victoria who was apparently following me to where we have Geometry...she was following me, but she knew where she was going! I guess I was just meandering...

*An Orthodox church-looking building with satellite dishes and green tube lighting on the side...Um...

*Giving the geometry students their chapter 4 test while sitting in someone's living room/hallway

*6th grade math with students who haven't quite gotten the hang of school-in-the-living-room--I am doing my best to give them some semblance of a routine/structure.

*Running into the mom of one of my students outside of Billa/McDonalds and chatting with her for a while

*Asterix electronic game in my Happy Meal

*reading Ted Dekker's book Green while riding the metro and marshrutka

*grading math homework at school. The goal right now is to finish with 6th grade, leave that teacher's guide here, and take the geometry one home to work on tonight.

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