Friday, November 6, 2009

Proof...of taking the scenic route home

Tonight we had a fun evening at Lisa and Sarah's, having dinner and dessert and talking with a mixture of teachers and a parent and students. What follows is the story of our journey home--what should've taken us around 45 minutes or so, but took much longer!

We left Lisa's around 9:30 or so, parted ways with Mark at just about 10pm, then rode marshrutka 24 to McDonald's.

Given: 4 possible bus routes from near school and Lisa's apartment
Prove: that we can actually make it home

Statements (Reasons)
1. Bus routes 18, 6, 6K, and marshrutka 18 that will all go back to Lukyanivska (given)
2. Choose bus 18 (first one that came along)
3. Bus driver yells something in Russian as we climb aboard and pay our fare (because he can)
4. We don't understand and sit down despite the bus having only 3 other passengers (because we don't speak Russian or Ukrainian)
5. Bus takes a turn sooner than we thought off of Frunze (we really don't know why)
6. Drive past Babiy Yar and Dorogozhychi metro stop (again, we really don't know why, but we were assuming the bus would eventually get back to Lukyanivska)
7. Bus pulls to the side of the road, driver yells at us, and opens the doors not at Lukyanivska (we figure it was the last run of the day, and he was done)
8. Walk back the way we came (we already knew the metro stop was nearby)
9. There is an overpass with trolleys running across it (we looked up and saw it)
10. That street, where those tracks are, is Degtyarivska (the sign said so)
11. We puzzled over how to get up to it, or to cross the street, without getting run over (no good sidewalks in sight)
12. We decided to walk back to Dorogozhychi metro (because we were goons who did not look at either map that we had with us, to realize there was another metro stop closer by--Shulyavska)
13. We walked past one under-pass for pedestrians (there was absolutely no light coming from below==uber sketchy)
14. Ride inbound metro (the next stop was Lukyanivska)
15. Walk from Lukyanivska down Degtyarivska, yes the very same one we'd seen earlier, to Dovnar-Zapolskogo (this is the way to go home)
16. Arrive at home at 11:23pm (we followed the way to go home).

QED!!! DONE my proof! Okay, it's not the greatest proof ever, get the idea.

Here are the locations as seen on a map:

The green is the path we figured the bus was going to take. The blue is what it did take. The pink is our walking path, then we hopped on the metro (the orange path), then walked some more. How ridiculous is that. (I should've had my pedometer with me)

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  1. Sounds familiar! I have problems with the tram sometimes switching routes. I'm always thankful there is more than one mode of transportation!