Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adventures in Public Transport

1. Hearing the kid behind me say "Hakuna Matata." He had a Disney DVD.

2. Hearing a little girl behind me practicing her English numbers 1-10.

3. While I waited for Sarah and Jodi at the metro, this guy stood near me talking on his phone in ENGLISH. Then later he told me, "Don't go with (cell provider) MTS. Their service goes--" and then made an up and down motion with his hands.

4. Observing all the unique outfits, like a thigh-length jacket with fur on the edges, paired with tights and plaid knee-length bermuda shorts

5. Things people do on the escalators at the metro stations:
a) Just stand there
b) Walk, so they get somewhere faster
c) Talk on cell phones
d) Drink beer

1 comment:

  1. ha... adding to things people do on the escalators:

    make out
    sit on the escalator steps (and then getting up in panic when the stairs began to flatten)