Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Traffic Jam Stories

Traffic, especially around "rush hour" (I'm not sure exactly what time it is, maybe around 6 or 7--I don't really have a sense of time here), can be horrendous. Quite often, it is much faster to get off the 6K bus at an earlier stop and walk home a more direct way than to wait for it to reach the end of the line at Lukyanivska metro.

After school today, I decided to go to church to pick up my mail and then go home. I boarded the 6K at school as usual, but knowing that it wouldn't continue past the church, I changed to bus 18 and planned to take it as close to the church as I could.

However, there was a LOT of traffic tonight, so I resigned myself to getting off at Lukyanivska, figuring it would be faster--but wetter (it was "misting")--to walk to church rather than sit in the traffic.

I got to church, went upstairs and grabbed my card, and then left again. As I left, I thought, it would be really funny if I saw "my" bus again. I had noted when I got on that it was bus #2626, so I knew to look for that.

Sure enough, by the time I was across the road from the theater and next to the little park, I saw my bus! In the time it had taken me to walk nearly a half mile (0.79 km), the bus had only made it 0.2 miles (0.32 km).

In other photos, the following is a presidential campaign poster. I think it's for someone named Arseniy...aha, Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Wikipedia is quite helpful for finding this basic information).

Zee tells me that this poster is a play on the "H1N1" virus, and that it says 'the wars against the virus of corruption will be won'. Instead of H1N1, it says "Yu-1 Ya-1" for Yulia Tymoshenko (current PM) and Viktor Yanukovich (last election's runner-up), both of whom are running in this election. Clever, eh?

*Later Update*
This traffic was not just troublesome in my part of the city, but all across--it took my roommate's family 2-3 hours to get home. Turns out the president of BRAZIL was visiting. Thank you, Mr. (?) President for causing lots of traffic jams. However, welcome to Ukraine.

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